Stacking Firewood Bark Up or Bark Down

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Should I stack firewood bark up or bark down?   Posted by Victoria Dubois “You can tell a lot about a person from his firewood stack.” So declared Lars Mytting in a New York Times piece about the debate among firewood-splitters in Norway. The central question remains: bark up or down? Mytting has ignited a national passion for Norwegian wood in books and on television. Given that the audience in Norway seems split 50/50 on proper firewood...

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Log Driver’s Waltz – Our Favorite Song of All Time

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Log Driver’s Waltz – The Most Canadian Song of All Time I use to love it when this video came on CBC as a kid. This is awesome. Canada Vignettes: Log Driver’s Waltz by John Weldon, National Film Board of Canada Lyrics to Log Driver’s Waltz Written by: (Albert) Wade Hemsworth [1916-2002] If you ask any girl from the parish around, What pleases her most from her head to her toes; She’ll say, “I’m not sure...

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Firewood and PST

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Did you know that firewood for home heating use is exempt from Provincial Sales Tax! Not only can you heat using a great, renewable heating resource found right here in Victoria, but you get to save 7% tax. It was a bit difficult to find provincial documentation for this but it is under bulletin 203 in the British Columbia Provincial Sales Tax Publications. Here is also a direct PDF link to Bulletin 203 within the BC Sales Tax Exemptions...

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Fir vs Maple – What is the Best Firewood in Victoria, BC

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We recently had a customer write us inquiring about purchasing a full cord of Maple or hardwood because they didn’t consider Fir as a hardwood for home heating. Chris is right about a couple things here but I think most people will be surprised to see how great Fir really is. I have done my best to quickly put together some reliable facts about the most common species of firewood found naturally in our South Island surroundings. The...

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