Our Kiln Dried Firewood Is Better

By Victoria Dubois – Contributor to Victoria Firewood

People often ask if wood burns the same if it seasoned naturally or kiln dried. The answer is that a log seasoned to 14% naturally vs 14% in a kiln will burn the same. The problem is having a consistent supply of firewood that is naturally seasoned is next to impossible. Getting seasoned firewood may seem like a simple process of leaving a few logs out for a year or two and chopping them up. As we have learned at Victoria Firewood, it is the hardest part of being a reputable firewood dealer. Consider the following: that a cord measures 3.62 cubic meters. 1000 cords measures 3620 cubic meters. An Olympic sized swimming pool measures about 2500 cubic meters. A Boeing 747 is 1840 cubic meters. So to sell 1000 cords of firewood, you need to fill a barn the size of two jumbo jets with firewood then let it sit for 6 to 12 months. Instead of filling fields with logs, Victoria Firewood Inc decided to reduce the seasoning process by inventing a new and improved kiln design that relies on only firewood for creating heat, water for heat transfer and air for displacement. Phil who designed the kiln was told it is not possible to get a firewood powered kiln above 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Lucky for Victoria Firewood, his father is a master smokehouse maker known to be one of the best in the world. The kiln at Victoria Firewood was recently completed and runs at 170 degrees Fahrenheit with little effort. It has been a great addition to an already incredibly efficient firewood operation that now provides Victoria the best firewood delivery service possible.

Firewood Kiln at Victoria Firewood

Firewood Kiln at Victoria Firewood Inc

Naturally Seasoned Firewood

Naturally seasoned firewood is wood that has been seasoned out in the elements of a forest. When the sun shines, it dries out. When the rain falls, it gets wet. Generally this takes between 12 to 24 months and depending on if the logs were piled properly or not, some of the wood might not season at all.

Indoor Seasoned Firewood

Indoor seasoned firewood is the same as outdoor however it is stored under a roof and away from the elements. Seasoning firewood indoors requires good ventilation and takes a minimum of 6 months once the firewood is split.

Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln dried firewood is the best for many reasons. It has a consistent moisture content rating of less than 18% and when it comes to firewood, consistency is key. A firewood kiln is heated above 170 Fahrenheit while fans circulate air around the wood. It does take a variety of equipment and expertise to build a great firewood kiln and it can be very costly.