Environment Canada Firewood Information Video

From Firewood to Shed featuring John Gulland. This is the best firewood information video we have ever seen and John is a legend! It was created by Burn It Smart and Environment Canada and features excellent details about how to harvest and prepare your firewood. Whether you are the type of person who wants to fire up a chainsaw and cut your own or if you prefer having it delivered, this video provides valuable information to help you heat your home using firewood and save money. We haven’t received formal permission to use this on our site and respect the those involved in creating it.

Mr Gulland talks a bit about the best species of firewood found in Canada. Here in Victoria, the most readily available wood species with the highest btu rate is Douglas Fir. Some residents of Victoria are lucky enough to find Arbutus or different kinds of fruit trees such as Cherry but you can’t count on them as a renewable or reliable heating species. Vancouver Island has large amounts of 2nd and 3rd growth Fir forest that can meet damand in a responsible manner.


Firewood Info Guide Video


Credits: Produced by: Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) and Burn It Smart
Written and Narrarated by: John Gulland
Camera, Direction, Editing by: Glen Horenblas
Featuring: Morley the Firewood Dog as herself
Produced with Cooperation of: Victor Li, Jim Collins, Chantal Duhaime, Maria Dorego-Fiore, Burn it Smart, Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Canada.

This video is posted to help Canadians be better infomed about how to gather and prepare great firewood that is properly seasoned resulting in cleaner burning and cleaner air. In a nation lined from coast to coast with a wonderful renewable resource, we believe properly seasoned or kiln dried firewood is an incredibly undervalued commodity that should be considered as a primary source of heat by more Canadians. Thank you to Environment Canada and Burn It Smart.