Frequently Asked Victoria Firewood Questions

Buying firewood for the first time can be a frustrating and daunting task. What kind of wood is best for burning in Victoria, BC. How long does it take for wood to season? What is seasoned firewood? Can’t I just burn the tree that fell in front of my house? Here are some of the question most commonly asked by our firewood customers:

Q – What local species are ok to burn in my fireplace?
A – Fir, Maple, Arbutus & Alder are the most common species of firewood available in Victoria.

Q – What does “seasoned firewood” mean?
A – Seasoned firewood is wood that has had time to dry out to a level similar to its surroundings. In order for wood to be safe for burning in your chimney they must reach a moisture content level below 19% – 22%. Most logs take 2 years while split firewood can season in 4-6 months of hot weather.

Q – My firewood insert is pretty small, do you sell wood for smaller wood burning inserts?
A – Absolutely, we offer custom cutting down to 10 inches however there is an addition fee of $25 per half cord.

Q – Do you sell full cords of firewood?
A – Yes, Victoria Firewood Inc. delivers all of its order on custom built cedar pallets that measure one half cord each. These are measured for size as well as moisture content before delivery.

Q – Do you deliver to the smaller islands?
A – We are willing to deliver pretty much anywhere that is safe. There are however extra costs for time and ferry transportation. Generally the costs average $75 per cord. Please call for details.

Q – How much does delivery cost?
A – Victoria Firewood offers free delivery to residents of Victoria, BC including Sidney, North Sannich, Langford, Colwood and Metchosin to name a few.

Q – How big is a cord of firewood?
A – A cord of firewood is equal to one hundred and twenty-eight cubic feet. Generally you will hear it referred to as 4x4x8 which is four feet by four feet by eight feet worth of stacked firewood.


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