Here at Victoria Firewood we take a great deal of pride in the convenience of our delivery process. Send us some feedback on your most recent delivery from Victoria Firewood and we will gladly post it here for everyone to see. Below is a quick gif I made of some photos one of our recent customers, Leanne insisted on taking. She was impressed by our new delivery process. Thank you so much for the great pics Leanne. We look forward to hearing from you next year!

Leanne from the Metchosin / Colwood area

The Victoria Firewood Delivery

The Victoria Firewood production, packaging and delivery process.

Mr Johnson is one of our newest clients who recently inquired about our pallets as he stores over 6 cords per year inside his garage and didn’t want the extra pressure pushing out the walls. Our custom built pallets were a perfect match for his needs. No stacking, no pressure on the sides of his garage and the wood was fantastic. Here is what Mr. Johnson and some other great firewood customers had to say about our service:

Mr. Johnson from North Saanich

Victoria Firewood has a unique solution to firewood storage – custom pallets that hold one-half cord of wood. These pallets are an additional charge for the wood, but are well worth the price. They are delivered intact and can be placed in your garage or woodshed with the companies hand drawn forklift. I burn wood for heat and moving and storing 6 cords of wood is a chore. Also, piling that much wood against the walls of your garage places a lot of pressure on the structure. The pallets of wood were simply dropped off and moved into place. No fuss and no worry about my older garage collapsing. Sean provided excellent service. The price was right and the novel storage method a bonus. I would readily recommend Victoria Firewood to anyone who burns wood. In fact I volunteered (unsolicited) to write this testimonial because I was so impressed with Sean and his customer service. Ian J. Victoria

Kent W. from Victoria

After two months of gazing at our four cords of palleted, seasoned firewood, we have finally had our first two fires. It is a pleasure to use the wood: it is clean and light and produces a great heat. Thank you for your service. We look forward to a warm winter inside. Kent W.