Kiln Dried Firewood in Victoria, BC

Victoria Firewood Inc will soon be offering the consistency and convenience of kiln dried firewood. Heated to over 170F for a minimum of 48hrs will provide a product that is seasoned to perfection with a moisture content rating between 15%-19%.

Firewood Kiln at Victoria Firewood

Firewood Kiln at Victoria Firewood Inc

Q – Does Victoria Firewood sell non-kiln dried wood?
A – Naturally seasoned firewood sales are available only during the spring months. Contact Phil at Victoria Firewood and he will be sure to let you know when these sales begin.

No bugs in our firewood.

Victoria Kiln Dried Firewood

Victoria Kiln Dried Firewood has no bugs nor mold.

The reason we are now moving towards kiln dried firewood is simple. Recent fire prevention regulations have made it so we are not allowed to store logs on logging claims for periods long enough for the firewood to season naturally. With our kilns, we can turn wood from green to seasoned in under a week. This makes us faster and more reliable while offering a far superior product that has no bugs nor mold and we do it all for the same price as our competitors. Between that and our incredibly efficient method for delivery, we are very confident you will be impressed by our service.