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Welcome to Victoria Firewood

Pallets of Victoria Firewood

Victoria Firewood stacked in pallets.

Victoria Firewood Inc is a locally owned and operated firewood delivery service business in Victoria, British Columbia. We offer the best firewood on the island and take great pride in providing a product and service that will exceed your expectations.

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Looking to sell logs? We buy them legally!


We make something old, new again. From the forest to your home, we salvage otherwise unsellable logs and turn them into firewood.  As this firewood has been sitting in a forest for some time, we use state of the art carbon neutral kilns dry our firewood to achieve optimal moisture content as well as eliminate any bugs or mould.

Want to save money by seasoning firewood yourself? We also offer excellent quality green firewood for special rates during the spring months. If you are looking to stock up for the winter, our delivery coverage includes Victoria, British Columbia, Saanich, Oak Bay, Sidney, Langford, Metchosin and the surrounding areas as well as all of the Gulf Islands.


Victoria Firewood Inc is the proud new owner of the fastest mobile firewood processor in the world!

Meet the newest member of the Victoria Firewood team! Powered by a 115hp John Deer engine and a 60″ carbide tipped blade that can rip through wood like a hot knife in butter, the Cord King 60 is the worlds fastest mobile firewood processor. Logs go in and firewood comes out at a rate up to 8 cords per hour. Combined with our state of the art kiln system, Victoria Firewood Inc can process more firewood in a day than most competitors do in a week.


Kiln dried firewood is the best!

Firewood Kiln at Victoria Firewood

Firewood Kiln at Victoria Firewood Inc

Victoria Firewood is a clean, carbon neutral and renewable resource for heating your home or in our case, kilns! With the help of one of the best smokehouse builders in the world, we have re-invented, designed and constructed an incredible kiln system that uses only firewood, water and electricity (fans) to heat the kilns that dry your firewood. We use no gas and no oil. Not only does this reduce the possibility of mould or bugs but it also guarantees we will have a consistent supply of perfect firewood all year long. Victoria Firewood is kiln dried and seasoned to a perfect 14% – 20% moisture content rating meaning no bugs, no mold and hassle free easy to light fires.

Better Firewood Delivery in Victoria

To deliver our firewood to customers, we use a brand new 3 ton truck powered by one of the cleanest, most fuel efficient diesel engines available. While many local firewood companies overload their toy pickup trucks, we are able to legally carry over 10,000lbs of firewood per load or 4 cords per trip using a truly commercial vehicle.

Overloaded Firewood Truck

Overloaded firewood trucks are a danger on the highway.

Firewood Buyers Tip: A great firewood dealer is eager to show off his moisture content ratings. Moisture content reading tools are a cheap and effective to demonstrate if wood is ready to burn or not. Any reputable dealer not having one is your first sign something might be funny.

Victoria Firewood Inc is located in Langford, Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria Firewood Inc is located in Langford, Victoria, British Columbia

Southern Gulf Islands Firewood

Victoria Firewood delivers firewood to all of the Southern Gulf Islands including Salt Spring, Mayne, Galiano, Saturna and Pender Island. Have a cabin? We can have firewood waiting for you when you arrive.

VictoriaFirewood.com is still updated regularly

Returning customers who prefer our old site are welcome to go the Original Victoria Firewood site. There is plenty of valuable information available on both sites and we keep them both up to date including firewood prices.

How was your firewood delivery experience?

We want to hear about your firewood experience. E-Mail phil@victoriafirewood.com and you could win a free half cord of firewood. Firewood Buyers Tip: Loose firewood measurements are not accurate. A proper cord of firewood measures 4ft x 4ft x 8ft and should be stacked for measurement.

Call Victoria Firewood

Call Victoria Firewood to order firewood in Victoria

Order Firewood Online

Order from Victoria Firewood and you get firewood stacked in pallets and delivered to your home. Our delivery method consists of using a brand new 3 ton truck equipped with a lift gate and electric powered pallet truck.  Our pallets are custom built cedar storage units constructed specifically to hold firewood. They save time, energy and your back. Also, you can see what you are getting before the delivery is finalized. Firewood Buyers Tip: Most pickup trucks can barely hold half a cord of firewood. Do yourself a favour and pull out the measuring tape before paying for your firewood.

Camping or Bulk Firewood:

Where can i get firewood for camping or bulk pickup firewood in Victoria?

Victoria Firewood Inc has teamed up with some fantastic local businesses to help bring both camping bundles of firewood and pallet loads of firewood to your neighborhood.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to serving your area.

We at Victoria Firewood Inc have worked long and hard towards becoming the premier firewood distribution and delivery service for residents of Victoria, British Columbia. The introduction of our new industrial firewood kilns will make our product more consistent. Our delivery model has been remastered so we are faster, more efficient and more reliable. We look forward to serving you in 2016.

Free Firewood Delivery in Victoria

Free Firewood Delivery in Victoria

Our Firewood is simply great:

We deliver seasoned, split and ready to burn cords and half cords of mostly Fir. Occasionally we have Arbutus, Maple or other hardwoods but we can’t guarantee these species.

Superior firewood delivery service:

The most common question we are asked by new firewood customers is: “I am going to stack my wood and won’t be needing the crates. What do I do once they are empty?” When you order firewood from us, we give you options. 1 – We are happy to unload the pallets into a pile on your driveway free of charge. Generally it takes about 5-10 minutes per 1/2 cord. We will even relocate your wood and stack it for $50 per cord. 2 – Customers in Victoria are welcome to rent the pallets for $25 each for the season. 3 – We will leave the pallet(s) in your driveway for you to remove the wood and re-stack at your convenience over a few days. Once the pallet(s) are empty, just give us a call and we’ll come grab them. 4 – We think you are going to like our custom built Firewood units. They make for great compost frames, storage boxes and have even been sold for moving hay. |You can keep them forever for $89.99 + GST.

Firewood Storage Units

Our custom built firewood crates make for great firewood storage units that you can use! Customers who wish to hold onto these great pallets to use as storage containers for the season are absolutely welcome to do so at a cost of $25 per pallet for the season. Pretty smart right! Not only do you get a great storage device for your firewood to keep it dry during the winter but you also get to avoid the hassle of stacking wood during the summer.

Commercial and International Firewood Sales:

Are you looking for firewood to ship to China, India, Dubai, Japan or anywhere else on the planet? Please visit our international firewood exports website. We offer the best Canadian firewood that is kiln dried to over 200F in bags, bins, on pallets or in shipping containers and we even FedEx firewood to cabins or vacation homes. Local businesses looking to take advantage of the camping season or simply wish to carry great bundled firewood that isn’t pine beetle wood, can do so with us. We offer an awesome selection of bundle sizes for firewood. Call us today and you can sell the best firewood on the island too!